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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Developing a memorable theme…

A theme, while not necessary, has the advantage of giving the book a unifying factor. There are of course hundreds if not thousands of possible themes, the best ones we have seen rally around something that distinguishes a school; is … Continue reading

How do we break the book into sections so we can be sure to cover everything?

It is very important to organize the book at the beginning of the year, so as not to miss anything which might cause, later, to have to renumber pages. First, look at past yearbooks to check if your list of … Continue reading

I have thirty kids who want to be on yearbook staff, how do I find work for all of them?

Too big a staff is certaily not a problem, it’s a question of management. Surely there will be some decent or even good writers, they can start work immediately thinking up attention grabbing headlines and submitting dummy articles for review … Continue reading