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I have thirty kids who want to be on yearbook staff, how do I find work for all of them?

Too big a staff is certaily not a problem, it’s a question of management. Surely there will be some decent or even good writers, they can start work immediately thinking up attention grabbing headlines and submitting dummy articles for review and judgement. Photographers? Now that with digital photography film costs are no longer an issue, have them shoot, shoot, and shoot some more; the yearbook always needs candid photos. (Meghan check with Russell on his trick about grading photos from 1 to 5 stars for easy recovery) layout people to look at magazines for interesting layouts, draw sketches, submit ideas. No creativity? The staff sure needs organized people who can check events to make sure someone remembers to photograph them, who can check spellings of names, keep track of what has been done or still needs to be, and so on (and on and on).