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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Walsworth offer name stamping?

Yes!  Not only can you have your name stamped, you can also have icons and special fonts.  Ask your Yearbook Consultant about all of your options.

I’m a new yearbook advisor who has never used inDesign before.  How can Walsworth help me?

Walsworth has over 700 already made templates for you to easily put together your yearbook as well as an Adobe Certified Instructor, in Europe, available for all of your technology questions.

How many deadlines does Walsworth mandate?

One deadline!  Don’t hassel with multiple deadlines anymore, Walsworth only requires one deadline at the end of the year!

Are we bound exactly by what our contract states?

No, Walsworth provides contracts to you to put you into a price range.  You may alter the specifications (page count, color, additions) at anytime.

Does Walsworth provide onsite training?

Yes!  Walsworth provides onsite training as needed and requested by the school.  We also provide online training.

I want a really unique yearbook this year.  How can Walsworth help me?

Walsworth’s presses are capable of creating the most unique yearbooks all under one roof.  From customizable covers to variable data, the possibilities are endless!  Contact your Yearbook Consultant to find out more.