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Walsworth Europe helps make your yearbook life easy!

By working with the one company that vows to make your yearbook process simpler…

We’ll free up your time and let you focus on the fun stuff – writing, designing and creating your yearbook. And this is how we’ll do it…

1.) Yearbook Kit complete with how to’s to get your year started off on the right foot.  Calendars, ladders, fonts, colors, marketing tools and more useful materials that will help you and your staff create a strong yearbook foundation.

2.) On-Site Training- Whether you are using Walsworth’s Online Design Program or Adobe’s InDesign, Walsworth’s experts will come to your classroom and teach you time saving techniques so you have more time to create a jaw dropping yearbook.

3.) Online Training- We are available for online trainings when YOU need them.  Don’t let 9-5 dictate your schedule.  We are here around the clock to ensure all our customers are able to get their questions answered.

4.) Design Help- Show us your files and we will help you bring your book’s design to the next level.

5.) One Deadline-  What? Yes, that’s right.  With Walsworth Europe, you only need to submit files ONCE!

Email: for more details.