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Adobe Certified Trainer:

With over 30 years of experience, Russell Viers is readily available to answer all of your technology, design, and layout questions through all types of communication.  Between email, skype, facebook, telephone and more, no question is too small or too difficult.

Online Design Program:

Walsworth’s Online Design Program makes it easy to put out a yearbook.  No additional software required.  You can logon from anywhere with Internet access to upload photos, adjust photos, create pages, send messages, proof and submit!

Only One Deadline:

Are you stressed out about too many deadlines?  Walsworth Europe only requires you to submit one deadline with your finished product.  No more stress so you can put out the best yearbook yet.

Yearbook Kit:

Walsworth Europe has put together a kit in order to help you with all of your yearbook questions.  How to’s, font design, templates, and more…  All designed to get you off to the right start.


Over 700 already built template designs to make your layout job more efficient.


Need fonts?  Walsworth has a fabulous selection of fonts to help you design the yearbook that fits the theme you and your team desire.

Online Page Submission and Proofing:

Walsworth Europe makes it easy for you to submit your pages and proof them for print electronically.  All online so you can upload them in your pajamas.

Complete In-House Production:

From start to finish your book never leaves the plant.  This helps us efficiently deliver the highest quality of printing to you in less time at a lower cost.

Customized Printing:

Do you want each individual book to be unique?  Variable data, name stamping, and more allows you to personalize each book for each student.  Use pictures, names, or both!  Possibilities are endless.


Cover Design:

Our specialists at Walsworth can help you put together the exact look you want for your cover to go along with your theme.  Whether you want a special gloss or a special fabric, we have all the resources to give you exactly what you are looking for.


Want More?

We are constantly striving to be better and more versatile.  If your school has specific needs, Walsworth Europe will do everything we can to meet all of them.